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U-Turn Removable Anchor (SAMJ-U TURN)

SAMJ-U-TURN removable anchor is built with unbonded PC strand filled with grease that is bent around a U-shaped cast-iron anchor body frame. The PC Strand is removed by pulling one end of each pair of PC strand with equipment. Then the PC Strand passes around a U-shaped anchor body frame and comes out.


  • Load distributive type anchor with multiple anchor bodies
  • Compressive type anchor that anchor bodies bond to grout
  • Prevent conflicts with adjacent land by removing the PC strand of an installed anchor
  • PC Strand removal work requires space to operate equipment
  • High PC strand removal rate that is less affected by ground condition
  • Prefabricated in a factory for better quality management

Material of Anchor Body Frame

GCD450(SPS-KFCA-D4302-5016) ALDC12.1(KS D 2331)
Cast-iron technique Aluminum die-casting technique
C, S, Mg Al, Cu, Si, Mg, Zn, Fe a, Mn, Ni, Sn, Pb, Ti
  • High tensile strength
  • Sufficient anchor force obtainable
  • Large bond area
  • Sufficient anchor force obtainable

Removal Process