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Frictional Permanent Anchor (SAMJ-LTF)Lasting Tensile and Frictional Anchor

A DCP permanent anchor, which has been widely applied both locally and internationally, has a friction type conventional anchor installed inside a corrugated duct pipe. Unbonded PC strand and a corrugated duct pipe provide complete waterproof and corrosion protection for SAMJ-LTF permanent anchor that reinforces a slope or a retaining wall, and resists uplift of an underground structure.


  • Double corrosion protection with unbonded PC Strand and a corrugated duct
  • Most applied & universal anchor type
  • Strand number is freely adjustable for economical design
  • Two grout hoses inside a duct for grouting inside the duct and a borehole (open type)
  • Prefabricated product for better quality management